Minne sähkö meni? -book is at stores

Our children’s book was released at the beginning of october – super exiting since this is my very first published book! Oh, boy, It´s been busy year with all the planning and drawing, but we made it on time! I also made the graphic design for the book and that was fun too. Our publisher is Kustannus-Mäkelä, very sympathetic family publishing house from Karkkila, Finland. You can purchase the book form bookstores around Finland and it can be found from various web stores too. Obviously from  my own Holvi webshop and from Adlibris, just to name few.

Suomeksi: “Minne sähkö meni?” -kirja on nyt kaupoissa, ainakin Suomalaisen ja Akateemisen kirjakaupan valikoimasta se löytyy. Kirjaa voi tilata myös useasta verkkokaupasta, ainakin omasta Holvi verkkokaupastani ja Adlibriksen kautta.

T-shirt design for our Publishing party which took place at “Tutkijoiden yö” here in Oulu university.

First feedback from Niilo, love it.

A crochet Voltti mascot for the releasing party, made by me.

That’s not all folks!
More news follows.

Yours, Henna