Minne sähkö meni? Book release at fall 2018

Here’s the first spread. Anni and Akseli are having an argument – How typical for siblings!

Now I can finally reveal something about this book project which I’ve been working with nearly six month now. At the moment things are looking pretty bright – since the materials are soon ready for printing and even the sun is shining. YAY!

Some early sketches.

There’s three main characters in the book: 9 years old siblings Anni and Akseli and a family dog called Voltti, who has a degree in science. Family doesn’t know about these skills, it’s a secret between the readers and Voltti. Family assumes Voltti is a bit lazy and only interested in food. Oh, well maybe food is Voltti’s second favourite thing after science.

The story begins with a power outage and all the electric equipments shuts down. Children desides to solve the mystery and while doing this they learn thing or two about electricity, how it’s made.  Meanwhile Voltti is having an adventure of it’s own. Can’t tell more, you have to read it 🙂


Its’s such a nice weather out there and
that means it’s time for ice cream.


Yours, Henna