Cutest work ever

Colors, animals  and cuteness in the same package
– that’s the way I like it … a-ha!

My latest design and illustration work for @oppijailo is now available at stores. I’m so happy about this, as it made me realize how much I enjoy creating cute stuff for kids. Very talented Finnish children psychologist Leea Mattila @leea.m wrote the script for the product. There are 45 cards for differend situations. Take photos with the cards and capture the memories from the first smile to the first birthday party! Webshop:

Suomeksi: Suunnittelin ulkoasun ja kuvitin Oppi ja Ilolle uuden tuotteen – vauvakortit ensimmäisen vuoden merkittäviin hetkiin. Merkitse korttiin päivämäärä ja ota kuva vauvasta kortin kanssa. Korttien avulla eri ikävaiheet ja tärkeät päivämäärät tallentuvat uudella hauskalla tavalla. Korttien kääntöpuolelta löytyy hyödyllisiä vinkkejä vauvan varhaisen vuorovaikutuksen tukemiseen. Korttien lämminhenkisen käsikirjoituksen on tehnyt psykologi Leea Mattila.


Here’s just a few of my favourite cards. Photo taken by Tiina Honka.

I had a good chance to develop different characters in to each card. Choosing the right color schemes was the most challenging task but I think I nailed it! I printed each image and placed them on the wall. This way I could see all the colors and make adjustments if there were for example too many green ones in a row.

The whole process started with sketches – as it always does. This is the best way ensure that you and the client are at the same page. This is also the point where all the big modifications should be done. Second stage is colouring and I usually do it with Illustrator. When images are done with vectors you get scalable sharp images. I really enjoyed making this product and I think it’s one of my best projects. Hope you like it too!


Yours, Henna