Welcome 2018!

Year 2018 is going to be my fifth year as an entrepreneur – fifth already, it feels like I just started! Last year I had many awesome work opportunities which allowed me to grow as an illustrator. I worked in a school book project for WSOYPro, I illustrated baby products for Oppi&Ilo and made some inspiring illustrations for companies and organization such as Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki (Hoas) and Mediapu – to name just a few. I also had one big goal and that was to become involved in children’s book business. More news about this later on, but at this point I can say things are looking promising.

I have made few new years resolutions too, of course! First: I’m going to make daily drawings on my Instagram account @studiospotnik The drawings can be anything, animals, plants, maps, people comics…nothing specific – JUST going to DRAW! The themes and styles can be anything, no stress about that. Secondly: I’ll try to eat more healthy, haa,haa, this resolution is a must! Well at least I’ll try to decrease my stress eating.

Thank you all for trusting me! This year is going to be magnific!


Yours, Henna